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How It Works

Waypoint has developed UV Lighting Products that disable COVID-19 (Corona) Viruses and will kill other harmful bacteria and germs. These environmentally clean products will certainly promote the safe return of passengers to the travel industry including airlines, passenger trains, and buses.

There are two types of light that we currently use in our products, 405 nm “blue” light and 280nm UVc light. The 405 light is very effective for killing bacteria and is very safe to use with passengers present. The 405 nm light kills all bacteria and a few known viruses, but our main virus disabler is our UVc 280 nm light product. The UVc disables the COVID-19 virus by altering the RNA in the virus and stopping its ability to grow and multiply. We are using both lights in our system.

The 405 nm light can be turned on while passengers are traveling and is very effective in killing the bacteria that is airborne from breathing, coughing and sneezing. The UVC lighting is much stronger and will be used during daily downtime of the equipment (overnights or long layovers), or anytime that passengers are not on board. This light delivers a much stronger overall “cleaning” by killing/disabling all harmful germs including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. These two products will be a strong combination for cleaning both air and fixtures in the passenger areas. With a flip of a switch your aircraft, train car, or bus will be thoroughly cleaned and continually clean throughout the day.

Our products are designed for the current COVID-19 Pandemic and all past and future germs that may threaten us.

How It Works