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UV Lighting For Emergency Vehicles



  • Airborne and surfaces!
  • Over 99% Effective in disabling the COVID-19 Virus and New Strains
  • Turn around times reduced
  • One time installation (No Tubes)
  • Flip of the switch to disable
  • Kills dangerous viruses (UVC)
  • Zero maintenance LED Technology
  • Constant disinfection (405 nm)

UV Lighting For Emergency Vehicles



Does UVc light disable the COVID-19 corona virus?

Yes. Numerous university studies have shown that it does. Boston University published results on dosages to disable the COVID-19.

What about Ozone that is created by UVc Light?

Ozone molecules are only created when using UVc light in the 180 nm wavelength range. We are using significantly longer wavelengths that actually produces O2 (good) oxygen molecules.

Are the LED lights powerful enough to work on disabling the viruses?

Yes.  There are several variables that effect the “dose” of light required to do the job of disabling viruses. These include light power (irradiance), distance from light to virus and amount of time that light is on. We have confirmed these variable in our test mock-ups.

Is UVc light safe for humans?

No. The UVc light will only be used when people are NOT on board.  It will be a maintenance controlled event to assure that no passengers are present when it is in use.  The 405nm can be used safely all of the time!

Is UVc light more effective than chemicals?

Yes!  Our system is engineered to provide correct dosages.  Chemicals are 30-40% effective if done correctly.  No labor is required for our system.  Just a flip of a switch.

Does UVc light harm or degrade the materials on the vehicle?

We have performed in-house tests on the seat materials by exposing them to the equivalent of 20 years of doses.  There were NO visible changes or change in feel to the seat material.